The boulderbirdclub Yahoo! Group

The boulderbirdclub Yahoo! Group provides a way to communicate with each other about upcoming trips (local, national, international), share sightings information, photos, and other items of interest. Any trip cancellations due to inclement weather should be posted here, too.

Members of the boulderbirdclub Yahoo! Group can access it at this link, otherwise, use the steps below to join.

How to Join

  1. Go to
  2. If you are not yet a member of Yahoo! Groups:
    1. Click "Sign Up" (Joining Yahoo! Groups is free.)
    2. Complete and submit membership information. Membership gives you a Yahoo e-mail address.
  3. If you are already a member of Yahoo! Groups, sign in.
  4. Search for "boulderbirdclub".
  5. Click on "Join this group" to get to the boulderbirdclub membership request web page.
  6. Review and finish your request as outlined on the webpage.
  • (If you want to receive email announcements at your regular email address, you will need to submit and verify that address. You can do that from the web page, or later, by changing Account Information on your Profile page.)
  • All membership requests for boulderbirdclub need to be approved by the moderator. You will receive a confirmation email when your membership has been approved.