Birdwatching Tips

Here are some important tips for enjoying birding field trips more and becoming a better birder in the field.

  1. Let the leader lead - at the front of the group. Pay attention when leader talks and points out birds. Some leaders have quiet voices.
  2. Keep your talking quiet - and to a minimum. Be birding oriented.
  3. Learn to listen - listen to the bird calls and to what the leader is telling you.
  4. Be a part of the group - point out birds you see or hear, quietly and slowly. Don't yell and point. Use "clock method" to give directions when possible. Assist other birders when you can. Be friendly.
  5. Look at all birds - to get to know every species. There is no such thing as a trash bird!
  6. Be considerate - of the leader and other birders. Take your turn at the front of the group as well as at the back. Look thru the scope but give others a chance as well; step to the side after viewing as there will be someone behind you waiting a turn.
  7. Stay with the group - and do not wander off and bird. Always inform the leader in advance if you are leaving the group early. Do not be a straggler - help keep the group together or you will miss birds.
  8. Learn to use your binoculars properly - look at the bird first with your eyes. Then while keeping focused on the bird, raise your binocular to your eyes. Keep the strap around your neck at all times. Pre-focus your binoculars - if you do not know how, ask the trip leader for help before the trip.
  9. Arrive on time - that means at least five minutes before the stated time. If you are late, you will be left!
  10. Be an ethical birder - and do not "push" the birds or make them uncomfortable.
  11. Be prepared - with all your own gear, binoculars, field guide, water, snack, sunscreen, bug repellant, hat - whatever it is you need. Dress appropriately for variable colorado weather. Give the car-pool driver your share without having to be reminded - $1.00 City limits, county wide $2.00, or amount posted in trip schedule.
  12. Have a great time on your next birding trip !